Programming is more than a job to me it's a passion, once upon a time I was a Widows programmer, but in my heart of hearts I was a *nix programmer, as I had learned on unix (SunOS mainly) at university, then in 1997 I moved into Linux, since that time I have moved more and more into Linux, to the point where I use nothing else now. I use mainly Ubuntu Linux, but I've used Slackware, Red Hat, Mandriva, Fedora, and Mythbuntu, I'm also familiar with CentOS.

In terms of Languages there are two I do not do one is Basic which is pure evil, as it encourages bad programming practices, and is just badly designed. the other is Java which is 99% Hype and is poorly designed as well, also the designers of Java had some bee's in their bonnets that just are plain wrong, it's basically C++ done wrong. I have had to do Java for android development in recent years, I think I will give Kotlin a try now it exists.