C++ is a sublime language and C++0x (now C++11) will be even more sublime new features will include Variadic templates, User-defined literals, Range-based for-loop and so much more

see C++0x (now C++11) for more details.

I used to program in C++Builder (or CBuilder) but that's only widows now I use g++ (i.e. gcc) and I do my GUI work using Anjuta.

For libraries I use the Gtkmm framework & the Boost libraries and of course the STL (Standard Template Libraries).

I've been shown by my mate Bear how to use Qt Creator, not bad, but non-standard C++

C++14 is coming soon to see it features go here after that the next projected standard is C++1y (most likely C++17) go here for status it's a bit small now but will grow majorly once C++14 is out of the way.

for details on the two major open source compilers current status with regards C++11 & c++14 go to:

C++14 is old now we have C++17 and C++20 is out now looking to C++23

there is now a C++ FAQ here