My Jesus

Hi Jesus is my Lord and Saviour, so this page is to be about Jesus/God the saviour of the world

my church is Hillsong I have been going there > 25 years (since 1995), and loving it

I serve God in Hillsong TV (now called Video) I am a CCU (Camera Control Unit) operator.

"Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." Psalm 37:4 KJV

that's one of my favourite verses in the bible, far more than saying I'll get what I want, it says I'll desire the right things as I delight myself in God/Jesus.

Me and Joel A'Bel when he was lead pastor for Australia in Hillsong church

Hillsong (Sydney-City) year 1999 or so production and TV Crew

left to right back Joanna Haverkamp, Me, Tiana (don't know surname), and Peppy (Joseph De Araujo), front Helen Frasen now Tam, Clay, David McKenzie, with Peter Wallis in the middle

The TV/Video crew for Christmas spec 2019 (I think).

That was fun, it's a pity we had to do it all online for 2020, but pandemic, anyway hoping to serve in 2021 Christmas spec.

left to right back (very back Dave director), next row, Will??, Luke Davies?? Tim Kirk (the captain), Ayrton Tang,
Front left (I forget just now), Alana Zafra, Alyssa Wolfe, Mayra Alves, Me behind and Romano Nuti